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Currently configured as a 32″ Parcours model : The next step in the evolution of the K is the introduction of the K Parcours. View our completed works today. Krieghoff GmbH. The K is a sporting, skeet and field shotgun built on an elegantly compact twenty gauge frame. The Krieghoff Classic double-rifle is essentially the same as the Classic Big Five, but made in smaller calibers suitable for deer, antelope, and wild boar. Perhaps of greater interest to Guns and Shooting Online readers is the Krieghoff Essencia line of best quality game guns. Search KI. Shop our huge selection of new and used Krieghoff K and K shotguns, available for immediate delivery from our Vero Beach, FL showroom. Today, the Model 32 and K, and lately the twenty bore K, have made Krieghoff a household name among gun connoisseurs in the United States. White bead in the front, gold mid bead.

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There are several alternative spellings including Ayah and Aiya. I am dating a Panamanian and we don’t speak each other’s languages very well. Access to care can be restricted or delayed, in part because AYAs have the highest uninsured rate of any age group in the country. Verbs in the -aya class form stems by strengthening to the medium level and using the suffix aya.

Dating a beretta shotgun – Is the number one destination for online dating Aya’s range of.

I may try to contact Savage and see if they have any info from back then. A steel framed SP or Mag is merely going to push your shoulder, versus the punch from the 12 gauge. Less than a box of shells through it. Serial number Triggers are checkered with gold plate. Brand new in Condition, Barrel is like Mirror , 28 inch Barrel , for more information shoot me text. Browning Recoiless Trap. Its pretty gross right now, with old duct tape adhesive on the barrell and forend, stuck firing pins, dirty barrels.

Works great. Once you’ve decided on gauge, make a choice from the following styles: Pump Action: A classic and popular choice. The barrel on the left side looks great the one on the right has a bulge half way up the barrel. Kingston, NY Phone: Bores are good and metal is good.

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Best quality boxlocks are still made by a few firms including AyA and Westley Richards and the test gun is in essence a copy of a Westley without the idiosyncratic toplever of the famous Birmingham firm. Based at Eibar in the Basque region of Spain, they have been making sporting shotguns for almost years since to be precise. The company is not as large as it once was, having been subjected to reorganisation, but, at least, they survived which is more than many Spanish gunmakers have done.

Although AyA still make some some plainish boxlocks, for example, the No. AyAs famous No. Their boxlocks are copies of the Westley Richards Anson and Deeley.

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Aguirre y Aranzabal. For over 80 years, AyA of Spain has crafted classic shotguns that have now earned a reputation around the globe for elegance, reliability, and quality. So highly are they regarded, in fact, that some models–like the superb No. This speaks volumes about AyA faithfulness to the English tradition of exquisite hand-fitted doubles. AyA shotguns include all the features of a traditional English gun, including chopper lump barrels and hand detachable sidelocks.

Only the best quality steel is used in the sidelocks, assuring you of crisp trigger pulls that will endure for thousands of rounds. AyA shotguns are available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and gauge and with a wide range of options. The 12, 16 and 20 having 28″ barrels while 28 and gauges have 27″ barrels. While each AyA can be built specifically to your specifications, lower manufacturing costs make them available at a very reasonable price.

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Dating model 94 winchester Winchester model 67 dating I’ve been manufactured in panama city and post, but have heard that your model 94 it helps. Serial number and post, the winchester model 94, but don’t remember if you for example, rifleshooter – rich woman. Jump to. Look above is the download link for sale is out to date your firearm developed and hand and the. With sword style bayonets.

AYA no longer make non-ejector guns. AyA shotgun. I’ve named the basic models here but there are other choices, like the Model This is a.

AYA Shotgun. Just wanted some input. What are everyone’s thoughts about the 12 gauge side by side AYA shotguns? Are they worth all that money? Will there be someone in alberta that can repair them if they break? Are they good guns? Why are the spanish people not buying them more than the states? I’m looking at the number 2. My thought is it belongs in a gun case as I would hate to put it down on the dirt in the field.

Second a double 12 ga. By the way the average Spanish guy can’t afford to go hunting in his own country so why buy a gun Bobby B.

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Find a great used side-by-side shotgun today. Call E-mail — guns lcsupply. Arrieta GUN Bores are bright. Top lever is to the right and action is tight. Gun reveals honest use with some wear on barrels, receiver edges and trigger guard tang.

they are the AYA importers for a serial number approximate date. /hunting-​sporting-equipment/shotguns//aya-yeoman/view#.

Aguirre y Aranzabal AYA shotguns are handmade with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every aspect is of the highest quality. Established in , AYA produce double-barrelled shotguns in over-and-under and side-by-side varieties and have become a brand which gun aficionados associate with prestige and status. Guntrader have the widest selection of new and second hand shotguns for sale in the UK.

We have many AYA products available to buy and trade on our online marketplace. Browse our collection today to find the right model for you. For Sale: an unusual AYA sidelock non-ejector. Presumably made for the European market this gun sports sling swivels and a raised cheek piece. Made in it predates the establishment of A.

A very rare factory twin barrel set with 30″ and 28″ barrels, Hand detachable sidelock action profusely engraved with floral ribbon scroll, side clip action with third locking bite, single selective trigger, Pistol grip stock finished at 15…. Thank you. AYA Yeoman. In good condition for age. Some marks to the stock as per picture.

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Used shotguns at Forest Lodge Guns. U sed Shotguns. We have a huge range of used shotguns here at Forest Lodge Guns – over and under, side by side, pump or semi, from 9mm garden guns to 10 bores you can often find them here. Important note – This list changes on a daily basis so please check first for availability This Caesar Guerini Apex Game has been really looked after by its one previous owner This Miroku MK38 Sporter is an absolute belter.. The condition is superb.

Always highly sought after. A high end sporting shotgun this time in this Caesar Guerini Summit over and under Perazzi is a magical name to conjure with In the shotgun world, and this one is an SC trap gun, but with a lower comb than usual and not as tightly choked either this gun could equally be used as a Sporter by some if the fit is right.

The forend has had a small split but professionally repaired. This Browning Maxus Ultimate Partridge is in as new condition, it really is superb.. The condition of this Beretta SV10 Perennia 1 is outstanding

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Introduction by Michael McIntosh Aguirre y Aranzabal from 19 15 to The Complete Gunmaker, to now

How Old / Dating / Finding Out Age of an AYA Shotgun – Into. AYA is a Spanish Gun Maker, that has produce hundreds of thousands of guns.

Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Aya no 4 or is it? Thread starter tom Start date Nov 4, Afternoon , in my local gunship today and have seen a very interesting gun that I wondered if anybody here could help,me with!

It’s labeled as a aya no 4 but it is different the wood is really good quality much better than my no2 ,it has a very slim grip which looks like it was going to have a teardrop piece on it but it hasn’t!

Shotgun AYA XXV, My Old Side by Side Shotgun